About This Symposium

The human microbiome is an exciting and emerging field in biomedical science. Many challenges exist with respect to analyzing omics data from the microbiome and translating the information to impact human health. Systems biology approaches will enhance our ability to assess the impact of the microbiome on human disease and its outcomes. Specifically, the integration of microbiome and host omics data in pre-clinical and clinical studies will identify the mechanisms by which the microbiome influences host biology. Identification of such mechanisms will lead to new biomarkers, targets and interventions for human disease.

This symposium will focus on the omics data layers derived from the microbiome and the host, and the integration of these layers in systems biology approaches. A number of round table discussions will be organized to address outstanding questions in the field on the subject of data analysis and integration. The resulting round table summaries will be reported back to the symposium participants as a whole. The symposium will offer a forum for networking and sharing the latest research and insights among local academic researchers, drug discovery scientists and medical experts.

Who Should Attend

The symposium will be open to the local Boston scientific community as well as Merck employees from Boston and other locations/sites. The audience will include data scientists, bioinformaticians, computational biologists, computer scientists, clinicians, microbiologists and immunologists. The event will foster the exchange of scientific ideas and provide networking opportunities within the local research community.